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Public Lectures on Peace – Theology

8 april 2021, van 13:30 t/m 29 april 2021, van 15:15

Building Peace with Justice constantly investigates power relations, asks for the different perspectives involved in a conflict, and strives to pay specific attention to those, whose voices are usually silenced. In this regard, postcolonial studies provide indispensable knowledge and wisdom.

Christian theology and theological ethics are in fact a late comers in the broad research on postcolonialism. But certainly, the de-colonization of theology has become one of the most progressive and revealing attempts of our times.

This serie of public lectures intends to provide some more general ways of thinking as well as presenting examples from specific contexts. The discussions following the lectures will seek to explore the implications for building just peace.

8 April 2021
Theologising Brexit: A Liberationist and Postcolonial Critique
by Prof. Dr. Anthony G. Reddie

15 April 2021
Healing or Haunting? Towards a Postcolonial Theology
by Prof. Dr. Judith Gruber

20 April 2021
Modernidad/Des-colonialidad en los procesos de construcción de paz de las mujeres afrocolombianas¨ / “Modernity/Decoloniality in the Peacebuilding Processes of Afro-Colombian Women”
by Dr. Betty-Ruth Lozano

22 April 2021
Civil Disobedience and Theological Reflections on Hong Kong Anti-Extradition-Bill Movement – from a Post-Colonial Perspective
by HsinYin Yu

29 April 2021
Is God a White Racist? Wake work for Theology
by Prof. Dr. Robert Beckford

To attend these lectures, please register by the link here.
You will receive the Zoom invitation before each lecture.



8 april 2021, van 13:30
29 april 2021, van 15:15
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